Dancers Unite at New York City Hall to Repeal the Cabaret Law Thursday, September 14th 1pm

Dancers Unite at New York City Hall to Repeal the Cabaret Law
First Hearing on Bill Intro #1652 to Repeal the Cabaret Law

New York City Hall — On Sept 14th, at 1pm dancers, activists, and cultural supporters will pack NYC Council Chambers for the first hearing on legislation to repeal the 1926 No Dancing Cabaret Law. The Cabaret Law prohibits social dancing without a license–that is nearly impossible to get. As a result, there is a defacto ban on social dancing in NYC. This will be an afternoon of dancers, venue owners, and lovers of culture providing lively testimony on the problematic prohibition era law.

Repeal the Cabaret Law Now: City Hall Hearing
DATE / TIME: Sept 14, 2017 / 1:00 PM
LOCATION: New York City Hall, Council Chambers

For the first time, the City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs will be hearing testimony regarding intro #1652, which will repeal the Cabaret Law, while preserving safety measures. The bill was introduced by City Council Member Rafael Espinal. Currently, sixteen Council Members have signed on as co-sponsors. Testifying will be de Blasio administration officials, renown choreographer Mercedes Ellington, dancers, nightlife business representatives, and advocates for Cabaret Law repeal.

The Cabaret Law was created in 1926 to halt interracial dancing in jazz clubs and was used by Mayor Giuliani in his quality of life campaign to decimate NYC nightlife culture. There are currently fewer than 100 licensed spaces in all five boroughs. Today, arbitrary enforcement of the Cabaret Law by City and State enforcement agencies and task forces has lead to discriminatory practices.

We hope the hearing will:*Inform the Consumer Affairs Committee on the disastrous effects of the Cabaret Law on culture in New York City.*Make clear that noise, fire safety and other issues related to nightlife are already covered in existing ordinances
*Push the City Council to vote to repeal the Cabaret Law in the coming months.

About Let NYC Dance

Let NYC Dance is a coalition of dancers, musicians, DJs, artists, activists and organizations supporting local grassroots culture in New York City, coming together to repeal the Cabaret Law.

LetNYCDance Coalition Members and Speakers include:

Mercedes Ellington, choreographer and ballet, ballroom and tango dancer
NYC Artist Coalition:
Dance Liberation Network:
Dance Parade:
The People’s Cultural Plan:
House Coalition:
The Floasis:
Color of Change:
Legalize Dance:

Hearing Details:

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