DJ James Anthony

James Anthony’s love for DJ’ing and dance music culture goes back as far as his memory allows.  This dynamic, international DJ and remixer has shown a tremendous affinity for music from an extremely young age, and has spent a better part of his life bringing it to the masses.  James got his first big break working in radio- at the legendary dance station WKTU in New York City. Within weeks of being hired, at the young age of 21, he quickly became the youngest mixshow DJ on New York radio.  His hugely popular “Freestyle Free For All” and “Free Ride at 5” mixshows, running concurrently since 2003, have been mainstays to millions of radio listeners.

Praised by clubgoes, promoters, club managers and his music industry peers, James has shown a tremendous amount of versatility in the DJ booth and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after DJ’s in both the gay and straight club markets.  James maintains a busy calendar of national and international bookings.  He has headlined major international parties, such as Sao Paulo’s “Jungle Party”, Belo Horizonte’s “Gods Party” and is a frequent guest DJ in Rio De Janeiro’s Leboy.  He also makes regular appearances in Mexico City (Karmabeat), Philadelphia (Voyeur), Los Angeles (Friction), Las Vegas (Piranha, Pure), Atlanta (Jungle), Boston (Chris Harris Presents EPIC), Atlantic City (Dusk, Club Worship @ House of Blues), Miami (Twist), Indianapolis (Talbott Street), Asbury Park (Paradise), and is constantly breaking new markets across the country.


Much like his live performances, James’ remixers have been hailed as peak hour staples- producing tracks for some of dance music’s biggest divas, such as Reina “Find Another Woman”, Judy Torres “No Reason To Cry”, Kathy Brown “Feel The Music”, “Tell Me” and Amannda “The Only One”.  His popular podcast, featuring his live sets from around the globe, earned him a award for “Best DJ Podcast” in 2010.


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