Just Circuit Awards VOTE NOW

We are THRILLED to announce that our very own DJ/Producer Randy Bettis has been nominated in 3 different categories for the 7th Annual Just Circuit Awards:

  1. Pool Party of the Year: LET’S GO PLAY at TYPHOON LAGOON (Gay Days 2011)
  2. Album/Compilation of the Year: GAY DAYS VOLUME 8 (Centaur Records)
  3. Circuit Tour of the Year:  GAY DAYS TOUR
  4. PLUS – our very own Manager/Booking Agent/Circuit Girl EXTRAORDINAIRE;  ERIN STACEY  is up for BEST CIRCUIT/CLUB PERSONALITY of the Year…..  

Of course we would like YOUR VOTES for our nominated categories, AND MOSTLY, we would like everyone’s participation to show your support of those who make our VITAL Club Land, Event World & Circuit Universe such wonderful places to visit, make friends and most importantly, DANCE!!!!
Please log into www.justcircuit.com to cast your votes!!!
Other DIRECT affiliations with DJ/Producer Randy Bettis/Betboyz Productions & Sky Hi Productions’ official talent pool or Event Production that we would like your consideration to vote for are as follows:
DJ of the Year : Joe Gauthreaux (Sky Hi Productions in association with DFL Management)
Party Promoter/Producer of the Year: LET’S GO PLAY – RIPTIDE during Gay Day Orlando Wknd (DJ Randy Bettis – DJ who broke the attendance record last year)
Best Overall Circuit Weekend: White Party Week-Miami (Erin Stacey, Founder of Sky Hi Productions – Leadership Council Member of the Task Force)
Beach Party of the Year: Ascension Beach Party (Sky Hi Productions Volunteer Coordination & Pines Resident)
                                                    : Pines Party (Sky Hi Productions Volunteer Coordination & Pines Resident)
Best DJ Podcast: DJ James Anthony (Sky Hi Productions Talent)
Best Nightclub East:  PAVILION (Sky Hi Productions, every level and because you can’t NOT vote for the Pavilion)
Promoter/Producer Hall of Fame: MARK NELSON (Sky Hi Productions for over a decade of mutual support)
Circuit Party Event Hall of Fame: Morning Party (cause it’s where it all began…..)

Save the Pavilion – deadline for signatures is Jan. 25th by noon

PLEASE – it is IMPERATIVE that we collect as many signatures as possible for a hearing scheduled for Jan. 25th.

Approve the application to re-build the Fire Island Pines Pavilion

The Pavilion is the centerpiece of the Fire Island Pines commercial district and an integral and indispensable part of the economic, cultural and social well-being of the community. If it is not functional for the 2012 season there will be a serious negative impact on the economy of the community, affecting local businesses, homeowners, renters and visitors. The owners are proposing to rebuild what was there before. The coverage and setbacks will be the same and will not increase. The main priority is to get the Pavilion up and running as quickly as possible and the most expeditious way of doing that is to rebuild what burned down.