Fire Island Pines is alive & kicking and ready for Memorial Day – are you?

There’s SO much going on this weekend, it’s going to be absolute madness I’m telling ya…… and you don’t want to miss out!!!

DJ James Andersen


DJ & Producer James Andersen


Music has always been a part of James Andersen’s life, but little did he know that one day he would be playing for people around the world. What started more as a mere interest turned out to be much more, culminating in his performance at the Black & Blue Main Event in October 2003 for a crowd of thousands. Says James, “The DJ world is a very intense journey that one only can understand after years of experience, but it is very rewarding as well.”
His signature style is something he takes pride in. “Every deejay has their method in this field. I like to deejay as if I’m taking the crowd on a journey. Never knowing what may be coming next through the many layers of music.”


His residencies have included the legendary Roxy (NYC), Limelight (NYC), Boys Life (NYC), Bump @ Palladium (NYC) & Liquid (South Beach, Miami), Factory (LA), just to name a few. He has also played internationally across the globe, including Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Moscow & Canada.


He continues his work today in NYC, and is busy in the studio creating new mixes for 2012…




Forbidden Fruit- Eric Tenalio feat. Sugur Shane – 2012 (Sub Scooping Portugal)


Harvey & Aviance To The Rhythm – 2011 (NHM Label Switzerland)


Lectroluv Feat. Alvaughn Jackson – Struck By Luv – 2011 (NHM Label Switzerland)


Oh, Please! – Mitch Amtrak – 2011 – (NHM Label Switzerland)


Jungle Out There – Tribal Gang feat. Mitch Amtrak (Star 69) 2004


Show Me – Suzanne Palmer – (Star 69) 2004


The DJ, The Music, and Me – Lula – (Star 69)  2001


DJ James Andersen – John Blair Party: Nyc’s Best DJS Vol. 2 CD 1999




DJ James Andersen – John Blair Party: Nyc’s Best DJS Vol. 4 CD 2001

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DJ James Anthony

James Anthony’s love for DJ’ing and dance music culture goes back as far as his memory allows.  This dynamic, international DJ and remixer has shown a tremendous affinity for music from an extremely young age, and has spent a better part of his life bringing it to the masses.  James got his first big break working in radio- at the legendary dance station WKTU in New York City. Within weeks of being hired, at the young age of 21, he quickly became the youngest mixshow DJ on New York radio.  His hugely popular “Freestyle Free For All” and “Free Ride at 5” mixshows, running concurrently since 2003, have been mainstays to millions of radio listeners.

Praised by clubgoes, promoters, club managers and his music industry peers, James has shown a tremendous amount of versatility in the DJ booth and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after DJ’s in both the gay and straight club markets.  James maintains a busy calendar of national and international bookings.  He has headlined major international parties, such as Sao Paulo’s “Jungle Party”, Belo Horizonte’s “Gods Party” and is a frequent guest DJ in Rio De Janeiro’s Leboy.  He also makes regular appearances in Mexico City (Karmabeat), Philadelphia (Voyeur), Los Angeles (Friction), Las Vegas (Piranha, Pure), Atlanta (Jungle), Boston (Chris Harris Presents EPIC), Atlantic City (Dusk, Club Worship @ House of Blues), Miami (Twist), Indianapolis (Talbott Street), Asbury Park (Paradise), and is constantly breaking new markets across the country.


Much like his live performances, James’ remixers have been hailed as peak hour staples- producing tracks for some of dance music’s biggest divas, such as Reina “Find Another Woman”, Judy Torres “No Reason To Cry”, Kathy Brown “Feel The Music”, “Tell Me” and Amannda “The Only One”.  His popular podcast, featuring his live sets from around the globe, earned him a award for “Best DJ Podcast” in 2010.


For all booking info please contact:




DJ Robbie Leslie

Widely recognized as one of the top disc jockeys in the nation, Robbie Leslie has been performing on the international circuit for 35 years.

Leslie started his career on Fire Island at the legendary Sandpiper (now the Pavilion) in the Pines. From there he moved on to New York City, where the list of clubs at which he regularly performed reads like a “Who’s Who’ of Big Apple nightspots: The Saint (and subsequently the Saint-At-Large), Studio 54, Underground, Private Eyes, Palladium, the Red Parrot, 12 West and the Ice Palace. He also made numerous guest appearances at Trocadero Transfer and Dreamland in San Francisco; Axis, Probe and Studio 1 in Los Angeles; Numbers and Heaven in Houston; Club St. John in San José; the Pavilion, Botel, Ice Palace, and Island Club on Fire Island; Roxy and Octagon in New York; Heaven in London, and clubs in Moscow, Sydney, Copenhagen, Toronto, and San Juan. For 17 years he has been the Resident DJ for RSVP Vacations & Cruises.

Leslie is perhaps most renowned for spinning his magic at special Circuit Parties – Extravagant theme parties and benefits created for one night in anything from abandoned warehouses to famous museums. Events of note include the Saint-at-Large White parties, the White Party at Vizcaya in Miami, The Red Party in Columbus, A.P.L.A. Garden Parties in Griffith Park and at Universal Studios Backlot, Spring to Life at the Post Office Pavilion in Washington D.C., All That Glitters in San Diego, the Hotlanta River Expo in Atlanta, Pride at The Pier in Ft. Lauderdale, Fantasy Fest in Key West, Pride Pier Dance in New York, Winter Party in Miami, Saturday Night Fever in New Orleans, Remember the Party in San Francisco, “Souvenirs” in New York, and a wide variety of major events in venues such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles and the Civic Center and Galleria in San Francisco. He has also appeared at events in Long Beach, Maui, Boston, Houston, Aspen, Tampa, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Portland, Rehoboth Beach, Hartford and Charleston. In 1988 he had the honor of playing the final set at The Saint’s forty hour closing party.

As the disc jockey for New York City’s Pier Dance 2004, Leslie played to a record breaking crowd of over 12,000! He topped that number in 1997 while playing the post-parade celebration at San Francisco’s Embarkadero– 20.000! Recently he was honored by the industry and his peers with the National Hi-Energy D.J. of the Year award, sponsored by Dance Music report. He received the Dixie Award for D.J. of the Year in 1993. In October 1999 Leslie was presented with the third annual DJ Music Award for his lifetime contribution to the world of dance music.

He is a nine-year veteran of the original Copa Ft. Lauderdale and was the Friday DJ at Twist, South Beach for three years. Featured in the book Looking For The Perfect Beat — the art and culture of the DJ, by Kurt B. Reighley (ISBN 0-671-03869-9), and Love Saves the Day: A History of Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979, by Tim Lawrence (ISBN 0-8223-3198-5), and “Turn the Beat Around” by Peter Shapiro (ISBN 0-571-21194-1).

He regularly performs in clubs around the country and is a featured artist at Sirius/XM Radio on the Studio 54 Channel.


“Never Underestimate the Power of Music”



DJ Randy Bettis

From mega-events of thousands to intimate house parties, DJ/Producer Randy Bettis is among the most sought-after mixmasters in the dance-music industry. Recently voted DJ of the Year by JustCircuit subscribers, the buzz about his dancer-centered style continues to grow.

Bettis broke through the clutter in 2005 with back-to-back acclaimed performances at 3 of the largest dance parties in the world: Saint-at-Large New Years Day Event, The Black Party and the Heritage of Pride Pier Dance in New York City. Since that time, he has been a featured DJ at events and clubs across America and abroad.

For three years running, Randy’s GayDayS Tour has brought the spirit of the legendary celebration to cities nationwide. The GayDayS Tour has become an annual summer phenomenon, voted Circuit Tour of the Year by members of in each of its first 2 years. This past summer, Randy continued the magic, celebrating the release of his Party Groove: GayDays Volume 5 (Centaur Music) with another nationwide award-winning GayDayS Tour. He is proud to be a resident DJ for RSVP Vacations and the official DJ for the New York City Anti-Violence Project.

2008 saw the expansion of Bettis’s discography with the release of two new mixed compilations. In addition to Party Groove: GayDays Volume 5, Randy mixed In An Absolut World, the centerpiece of Absolut Vodka’s “Absolut Disco” gift pack.

Randy Bettis and composer/arranger David Boyd form the artistic force behind BetBoyz, who broke into the Billboard Top Ten for the first time in 2008 as part of the remix package of Ari Gold’s “Where the Music Takes You,” named Song of the Year by Logo. BetBoyz has created remixes for a number of other exciting artists such as Taylor Dayne, Jason Walker, Sarah Atereth, Ari Gold, Erin Hamilton, Andrea McCardle, and Brian Kent.  Plans are already underway for original and remix productions with Inaya Day, Simone Denny, Amber Dirks and more.

Having played in some of New York’s most legendary clubs (Limelight, Sound Factory, Stereo), Randy can be heard frequently at clubs such as Splash in New York, Pavilion in Fire Island Pines, Town DanceBoutique in DC, Pure in Philadelphia and Steele in Fort Lauderdale.

Randy produces a weekly mixshow that can be heard Monday evenings & Saturday nights on G.I.R.L. (


DJ Xavier

You’ve seen his bedazzled headphones at some of New York City’s hottest spots and is currently a resident at Küte Sundays at G Lounge, Mondays & Fridays at The Ritz and is also a regular at Key Club and Citrine and is the top High-Tea DJ in The Pines all summer.  Spreading his sound outward, he has also recently spun at Town in D.C., in Dallas and in Austin and will be breaking new ground across the country all winter.

A nightlife star, this Texas native has called NYC his home for the past 10 years and his set is still as fresh as ever. Xavier likes to keep his crowd guessing but you can always count on hearing the music that you know and love. Influenced by art, photography, and fashion, DJ Xavier channels all of his interests to his unique vibe no matter where he spins and watch out because Xavier’s music sets the boys off into performance mode so clear the area to watch them break it down. Ever-equipped with his handy mag-lite and geisha fan, the incredible DJ Xavier doesn’t disappoint.

DJ Xavier was awarded DJ of the Year by HX Magazine for 2008 and he continues to impress partygoers everywhere!