Who We Are

The mission of Sky Hi Productions is to serve the LGBT & aligned communities to produce fierce events, providing only top-notch entertainment, services & products while maintaining a dedicated loyalty to maintaining the panache and high-expectations to our audience.

Who Are We?


Even Erin Stacey’s flaming locks that adorn her head are no match for her fiery spirit; a soul thirsty for the magical experiences Fate tosses in her direction, holding sacred the abundant amounts of trials and tribulations that have shaped her into the person she is today.

Never one to back down and never one to follow a crowd, it is no surprise Erin has helped conjure from scratch the feisty recipes that have initiated many non-profit and grassroots organizations as well as taking on the fulfilling task of Randy Bettis’ tour manager for the first Gay Days Tour back in 2006. Her event planning excellence and ability to bedazzle any room she enters have become her trademark. From a simple one-on-one conversation to an enormous dance club setting, she has set such high standards, people always expect the “time of their lives”.

To list her achievements and accomplishments would surely be impressive, yet lengthy and exhausting. The list that matters is her endless catalog of goals and dreams in which, one by one, she eventually embodies like a thirsty conqueror hungry to plant their flag new territory.

It is not by chance then, that Erin mages the careers of DJs and Performing Artists as it is the perfect marriage between her passion for fabulous dance music and the freedom she feels when on a dance floor.


Erin books many HOT DJs and Performing Artists – CONTACT HER today for more information.

Visit THE TALENT to get a glimpse of her roster of artists.



As a mutual Fire Island lover and a blazing spirit to match, Bean has worked side by side with Erin since their first introduction from NYC to Miami. Coming from a background in Hospitality Management and Operations, she is a key player in creating a memorable experience for you on and off the dance floor. She assisted Sky Hi Productions for the Pines Party 2016, Faena Art Basel, Atlantis Cruises, a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, and Phillip Plein Fashion Show at the New York Public Library. Whether it’s event production, project management, costuming, or staffing, Bean is committed to excellence with Sky Hi Productions. She flies Hi!




Hailing from rural Idaho, Kathleen staked her roots in Florida over 5 years ago and began event production shortly thereafter. Combining her humble upbringing with the fast pace of Miami, this life has been her passion since. Kathleen has proficient skills with managing social media within events, working closely with clients to ensure the project is executed logistically and properly assisting the production from beginning to end.

Experience includes Miami Beach Gay Pride 2017, Winter Party 2017, Faena Art Basel 2016 and more to come!




Aside from being an activist, event planner and an NYC DJ for almost fifteen years, Chauncey manages Sky Hi Productions’ website, social media accounts and consults in regular marketing strategies affiliated with our company.¬† DJ Chauncey D has been a sound selector for just about every gay bar in the city throughout his 14 year career from The East Village to The West Village and beyond from Rockbar to Nowhere. He has previously provided the soundscape for The Urban Bear Street Fair and Folsom Street East and now enjoys a residency at the legendary Stonewall Inn as in-house tech and DJ for drag shows, cabaret performances and more. Throughout the years he has lent his talents to countless fundraisers and causes and is one of the producers of the annual New York Dance Parade and Festival each May. His marketing savvy has extended from events on Fire Island to a multitude of other events and companies increasing brand visibility through his patented social media maverick style.


Erin books many HOT DJs and Performing Artists – contact her today for more information.

Visit THE TALENT to get a glimpse of her roster of artists.

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