What We Do

Sky Hi Productions serves the LGBT & aligned communities to produce fierce events, providing only top-notch entertainment, services & products while maintaining a dedicated loyalty to maintaining the panache & high-expectations to our clients.

Sky Hi Productions is a multi-faceted business and a one-stop shop for many of your event & production needs. We manage the careers of many DJs & performing artists who DJ at International Circuit events, as well as intimate dinner parties or events, many of which are fundraisers, but also include major events and corporate product launches. We can produce your event, starting with the creative & design elements, provide equipment, talent, decor, venues & always a vibe that promotes exactly the energy you want your guests to feel. On our marketing end, we work closely with you to create your marketing campaign, as well as execute it via social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (just to name a few), along with promoting your product with excellent street teams and viral marketing avenues as well. We can provide high-quality, low cost branded merchandise & swag to meet any of your needs, within the time frame that you need it.


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